This Day in Missouri History

This book is out of print and not available. 

A new 2-Volume second edition is currently at the publisher!

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This book is out of print. See notice below about the new 2nd Edition coming soon!

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The Most Fun Reference Book You'll Ever Use!


365 Days of Humorous, Fun, Eye-Opening, and Astonishing Insights into Missouri's Colorful Past

365 days of interesting events from the 1600s to the present day are logged in this book. And they're not all serious. Did you know about the first cow to fly in an airplane? Wait till you read about the duels that were fought on Bloody Island. Wild Bill took the dueling idea to Springfield and created the first western shootout on the town square. From there he went on to umpire professional baseball games in Kansas City. Didn't know that? You will now.

Why was Monett considered a center for early aviation? Where was the bakery that sold sliced bread for the first time in the history of the world? How did the speedwagons (police cars) catch the scorchers (speeders going over 8 miles per hour)? Why was air pollution thought to be such a good thing? Before Sedalia, who hosted the state fairs?

There's lots to find out about in this jam-packed, light-hearted, book of true facts from Missouri, "The Mother of the West."

Who needs this book? Every library, radio station, TV Station, and newspaper in Missouri really  needs this book. Every person who enjoys the lighter side of history will enjoy having his or her own copy of This Day in Missouri History. Teachers will love it!

What a great unique gift!