Ross Malone brings a rich experiential background to his writing. Though only writing for a few years, he has already produced several books about life in Missouri. Watch for the new historical fiction series for young readers, 10-14.

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The Intrepid

1858 was quite a year to be aboard a steamboat on the Missouri River!  Small towns lined the banks on both sides.  Many Germans lived on the south bank and many families who followed Daniel Boone from Kentucky and Tennessee were settled on the north side.  Jesse James, Buffalo Bill, and Sam Clemens were still teenagers – and so was Caleb Kirk.  Join Caleb as he meets these fascinating people and more along the river.

 Caleb serves as The Intrepid’s apprentice learning to be a river pilot on her maiden voyage.  The beautiful river boat and her crew teach Caleb that it’s just as important to understand the many kinds of people as it is to understand the surprises the river throws at you. 

With wise men and scoundrels, heroes and Jayhawks, there is no way to know what might happen next.  “Intrepid” means fearless and that is a good description of Captain Obadiah Rawles and his apprentice, Caleb Kirk.  Come and share their adventures aboard The Intrepid. 

An adventure for young readers from 10-14 years old. 

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