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Mysterious Missouri

Strange Houses                              Strange Behavior

​Strange Occurances

Strange Animals                               Strange Graves

Strange Places and Practices

Paperback - $17.00

Hardcover - $22.00

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When was the last time you saw a Snot Otter?
Of course, there is such a thing! 
What do you know about MoMo the Missouri Monster? ...The truth is in this book.
Who are some of the strangest people who have lived in the Show-Me state?
Where might you find buried treasure in Missouri?
What do you know about Booger Dogs or those Ozark Howlers?
Are there really ferocious fish bigger than a person in Missouri’s rivers and lakes?
Ever seen a phantom light or mysterious floating orbs?”  
...and, I promise that if you go on Zombie Road, "they" are waiting for you, and "they"will get you.

This book is loaded with spooky, scary, creepy, strange, mysterious, and funny things from all over Missouri--written especially for kids aged 10 to 14.


Goosebumps, Grins, and... Ewwwwww!
A Kid's Guide to Our Own Weirdness

​This bigger and better Second Edition will be available in August, 2015.”