Monett Nine

2015 Copyright Ross Malone. All rights reserved. 


Ross Malone brings a rich experiential background to his writing. Though only writing for a few years, he has already produced several books about life in Missouri. Watch for the new historical fiction series for young readers, 10-14.

What would you do if you were fourteen years old and living in a small Ozarks town way back there in 1911?  If you were like Isaac Melton, you might work at the local Skunk Ranch. If you were lucky, like Isaac, you could be the bat boy for the local semi-pro baseball team.  You would certainly want to see the early areoplanes and helicopters that flew around Monett in those days and you would want to meet the daring young men who piloted the contraptions. 

Railroads and Model Ts would be important parts of your life as would fishing, school, and brass bands.  You couldn’t think about life in the Ozarks without considering Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  You would also hope to meet some of the important people like the young art student, Thomas Hart Benton, and fascinating people like the area’s squirrel turners and turkey drovers. 

So spend a historically accurate and heartwarming year with Isaac and his friends as they live their wonderful boyhoods and you too will love the planes, trains, and baseball games.  You too will root for The Monett Nine. 

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